It’s been a year since we updated our website and presented our new projects online. While our online presence has been somewhat lackluster we’re actually very much alive and busier than ever.

One of the setbacks of being in a studio of only a few people is that at peak times, working on maintaining and updating your own identity and portfolio get’s placed at the bottom of your priorities. But this year we decided to set aside the time needed to give Studio Nifty a new lick of paint and have our work presented in a way that would do it justice.

— We updated our own branding to reflect us as an agency more appropriately. We decided to pursue a more minimal and overall a more professional design which we believe presented a clearer image of who we are and what we do.

— We have been recognized by numerous online award websites such as web creme, site inspire, the best designs, site see, best web gallery, land-book and we were awarded best portfolio design by Web Designer Depot.

— We completed 30+ Brand Identities for startups, eCommerce businesses, hospitality and tech companies both in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

Most of the work we have completed can be seen in our portfolio right now and we will be adding to this in the coming months, Other work will sadly (due to projects being canceled and NDA’s) never be shown. It’s been a long journey, and for every day that passes it feels like Studio Nifty is moving towards the goal we tasked ourselves with when we started this agency over four years ago.