Studio Nifty is an award-winning design consultancy which helps organizations to grow and innovate through the use of good design. Working closely with brands, we constantly seek out new ways to connect them with the focus groups. Through our advice and help, we are able to aid our clients to properly articulate their vision in order to design the products, services, and experience that will bring their efforts to life and in the proper light.

Through inspiration gained from real people, our approach has as its ultimate goal, the clarification and direction of purpose and meaning that will maximize each brand’s potential. Our research here at Studio Nifty enables us to create a new experience of real value for each client.

Nearly every brand has a logo, but your logo is not your actual brand. Your logo is certainly a large part of your overall brand, one might indeed proclaim it your standard bearer, but there is much more to establishing and promoting a brand than a logo. Your brand is made up of many different parts that will affect your ability to communicate with your customers. Added to that, your brand must be consistent and at all times suit your company as well as your customers.

Once consumers have your brand firmly implanted in their minds, your success will be assured.

Logos, design style, the graphic elements, photography, illustration, language, voice, and colour combined with personality, perception and even the typefaces you use all play a decisive part in establishing and building your brand.

What is a brand? – A brand is the perceived emotional corporate image taken in its entirety.
What is identity? – Identity is the visual element that forms a part of your overall brand.
What is a logo? – A logo presents an instantaneous vision of your brand and what your company is all about. A logo is your brand reduced to its simplest most identifiable form, such as a mark or an icon.

Your brand is what will make you and your company stand out from competitors, it will add value to your offerings and encourage your customers to pay attention. Your brand is your way to clearly highlight the special difference that makes your business more desirable and from being a supernumerary it selects you to be a star in the particular field in which your work. Studio Nifty will create your brand as a calling card to be filed in the minds of consumers who choose products and services through not only practical but emotional judgment as well.

Our focus at Studio Nifty, from our very first meeting, will be to create and promote your brand identity. We begin from scratch if necessary and in a case where your company may desire to rebrand its produce and services, we can help. You may have a reached a point in your business structure where you no longer have a vision and Studio Nifty can help. We may ask some of the following questions:

  • The big idea – What’s actually at the heart of your company?
  • Values – What do you believe in?
  • Vision – where are you going?
  • Vision – Where are you going? Where do you want to go?
  • Personality – How do you present yourself and your brand to others?
  • Customers – Who are your customers? Who are you targeting?

Once we manage to get over those and similar hurdles, we shall be ready to roll up our sleeves and help shape or re-shape your company’s personality.

  • We use graphic design – The visual identity for your business means developing a logo based upon our interviews and discussions. Do you want a hard-edged, clean corporate identity or would you prefer a softer, friendlier logo?
  • How do you want your tone of voice to come across to consumers? – This is the language you should use not only in speaking but in writing as well. It may be formal, professional, or perhaps more relaxed and friendly.

In our position as a design agency, we here at Studio Nifty specialize in communication. We answer every client’s questions through our creative output. We will be happy to aid you to create a name for a new company, develop a proper logo and design style. We handle all the copyright details that will protect your brand’s tone and create a clear set of brand guidelines in order to inform and help develop understanding among your staff and suppliers as well on how best to be consistent at all times, always bearing in mind that every action by every associate reflects upon the entire brand.

In order to communicate with your customers, it is essential that you have a well-designed, well-built and easily navigated website. Where people formerly used telephone directories, or business directories, even word of mouth, today they proceed immediately to the computer and surf the Internet. It is just as essential that your website is responsive to the potential customer’s needs. Therefore, a customer should be able to connect with it not only on the office computer but on smartphones and tablets, etc.

You may be looking for a simple brochure style website or something more extensive such as an online shop or boutique. At Studio Nifty, we are prepared to work with you and use all our design skills right here in-house to satisfy your needs and present you with exactly what you request. In the event that you’re not quite sure exactly what you want, we can offer many possible solutions to allow you to make an informed decision.

We take you from a blank page to a living website that we guarantee to please and engage customers with the goal to create new as well as repeat sales for you. Like bespoke tailors along Savile Row, we custom measure and create the perfect website just for you and your brand. Here at Studio Nifty we are truly proud of our design background. That is the core of our business and we have never even for a moment considered offering pre-designed templates of any sort whatsoever.

We begin by planning your site and working out the user journey that will guide visitors through the site, we create a sitemap and build up the site for you to sign off on before we move onto the actual design. Once you have signed off on that, we begin the actual building of the site and in a final step, we add your content and your website will go live on the Internet.

We are pleased to be able to include our own hosting facility as well. If you add our SEO to the mix, along with social media and copywriting services, we believe we will have all your digital needs covered.

Added to the above, we create a good many digital collateral additions as well. This would apply not only to PCs and Macs but to mobiles and tablets too.

  • We offer simple brochure style sites.
  • Online shopping.
  • CRM Systems
  • HTML Emailers

Content managed websites (CMS)

99% of the sites we build will be content managed. A CMS means that you may make any edits to your web pages via a simple dashboard, one that is user-friendly and very easy to navigate. From this dashboard, you may access your web pages, the media library, a news section, or blog, and any other bespoke functions you may have requested or accepted at our suggestion. These might include case studies, galleries, recipes or whatever you desire. You have only to ask and we can build it for you! At any time you can easily change any content or add new pages. A click of a button will immediately publish these changes on your website and no external difference will be noticeable. Included in this service, we give you a training session of the system and a bespoke user guide to refer to as well, since we realize there may be a good deal of information to bear in mind. We choose WordPress as a base system for our CMS as it is very user-friendly and appears to be here to stay. If you choose to make a Word document or update your Facebook page, you can easily use our CMS.

Responsive design

The Internet no longs finds itself chained to a desk. Now that we have smartphones and tablets, many view websites in new and exciting ways. At Studio Nifty we build our websites to be completely responsive, making certain that all users are able to have a consistent and satisfying experience whether they’re riding on a bus, relaxing in a bath or leaning back on the sofa with an iPad. From swipeable galleries to dropdown navigation, we build each site to ensure that no device diminishes the user experience and delivers the same important content quickly and efficiently.

ECommerce sites – Online Shops

If your brand is a product you hope to sell, then it is, of course, essential to have yours on an online store. This may be the most astute investment you may ever make. And a plus is that starting up a store on the Internet is not terribly expensive. Working alongside our CMS system, our EComms solutions allow you to process orders, take payments (ono of offline), manage stocks and even help with accounting. Here at Studio Nifty we specialize in designing online stores to link seamlessly to your main site.

CRM Systems

You may prefer that your website has a more powerful business tool. We can build a system onto the back end of your site that permits you to:

  • Allow user registration on your site.
  • Create a database of your customers and contacts
  • Send emails and promotional information.
  • Create forms
  • Search and segment your user database with an intuitive search engine
  • Build forums and communities
  • Export your date
  • Emailers, Eshots, EDMs

Emailers, Eshots, EDMs

Further, we can design and build promotional emails that run your campaigns for you. The HTML emails would be designed to match your brand, including graphics and videos, arriving directly into your customers’ inboxes. The most effect way to promote a new product or promotion or even to send out periodic newsletters, keeping customers up-to-date on the company’s activities and maintaining a relationship with customers, perhaps all over the world.
Social media

Social Media

You may already use Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram. All these are widely used throughout the entire world, but in addition to these, there are many more social sites, and some may be oriented in just such a direction that they would be ideal for your brand. We integrate your website with these channels and help you run them as well. In this way, you may build up a closer relationship with your audience that will convert this relationship into brand awareness and sales.

Here at Studio Nifty, we are a hands-on team. And there is very little that gives you that warm feeling than a nice packaging design. Over ten years of experience here in creating packaging for small artisan start-ups as well as corporate giants, we have built upon our heavy experience to be in a position to boast a great range of skills and styles, something to please every client

Packaging plays it an important part in defining the character of products. The right packaging may even become a trend setter and is also a vehicle to help create and advertise brand identity either on the Internet or on the shelf in shops.

Our goal here at Studio Nifty is to offer originality and personality. These are the key ingredients, we believe, necessary to create a brand identity in packaging just as with the product contained inside. With hundreds of products on the market, all vying for the consumer’s attention, having an outstanding and attractive packaging is of vital importance.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting up with a small operation and only need some creative ideas, a boost to help you get your feet wet or a well-known global brand looking for a new idea, a tweak to brighten and refresh your approach in an effort to gain a new target audience, we are ready to make your brand smile. We can deliver initial concepts and ideas all the way through to visualizing the completed design and offer files for print.

At Studio Nifty our associates have extensive experience in creating brands and packaging them for household names. It doesn’t matter whether we’re speaking of food and drink to personal and household products, we have the experience in our constantly growing portfolio and would love to add your brand to it.

While the Internet has made a deep impact on the amount of printed material that circulates today, it remains a viable medium. It is something that a consumer may hold and take along.

At Studio Nifty we have a great deal of experience designing for print. Having been in the creative industry for 19 years, even before the extensive use of the Internet, we worked in print creating new designs, using simple stationery, ‘leave behind’ items with high production values and special paper stocks, spot UVs, and even strawberry scented paper…over the years, we learned what there is to know about paper and printing as well as the importance of using the proper typeface for a given message.


The design is, of course, the really creative side of the entire process. We love coming up with the concepts and look and feel of a piece, be it a flyer, a brochure or a magazine. By the way, we love magazine work.


With an approved design style in place, we begin with the artwork. This may be fairly simple with something as simple as a two-page flyer. Larger, multipage jobs such as brochures and magazines, the artwork will involve setting up all the content and following the bespoke design templates previously approved by the client. Once the client has signed off on the cover and overall spread, the rest follows to await the final signing off on the project.

Most the team here began the graphic design journey with crayons and felt tips. We all love drawing and illustration, so now that we use Apple Macs and graphics software does not mean we any long enjoy getting out a pad and pencil.

Illustration is, of course, an amazingly versatile tool that has many different uses in design. Illustrations may convey an idea that may be more easily presented as a picture rather than a plethora of words that may lose the client in the process of trying to visualize the design in question. Most people are able to more quickly visualize graphic information with better retention than it can with the written word.

We excel here in many different styles of illustration from cute characters to dynamic action illustrations, infographics, technical icons and even cartoon strips. Someone on our team will have just the style to give you what you want. All you need to do is give us a specific requirement and leave the rest to us.